How do you register in

How do you register in

1. Open the website

2. Select the English flag in the top right corner to select your language.

3. Click on "Register"

4. In "Register in Check" enter data, "Accept legal conditions" and click on "I am not a robot" and then press "Register"

5. Enter all your details and save them under "My profile".

6. Then press "Hospitals" at the top and enter your hospital preference

7. Do the same with above "Insurance", "Contacts" and "Pets"

You are registered!


How should you activate your registration?

1. Log in at

2. Click on 'Products' in the top right corner

3. Select your 'Subscription' and 'Buy now' button

4. Choose your "Payment method" (PayPal or bank card)

5. Follow the instructions

Your account has been activated!


How do I place the app on my phone and activate it?

1. Log in at

2. Make a note of the code number in "Your profile" (red color)

3. Open your phone and go to App Store IOS or Android store

4. Search "Chequi"

5. Download "Chequi" once found.

6. When Chequi is completely downloaded, "Open"

7. Accept message from "Notifications"

8. Accept message from "Location"

9. Click on the three points / Settings at the top of the screen in Chequi

10. Open the "Profile" button

11. Enter your first name

12. Enter the code number obtained from "Your profile" and then "Accept"

13. If "Connection Established" appears on the screen, the app is activated.

14. Press "Back"

15. Call Chequi by phone and try your app with the Chequi operator.

Your app is activated and ready for use!


How do I activate a check on my phone?

1. Open the checkbox app

2. Press "right" above the three dots / Settings

3. Enter "My Chequis"

4. Enter the desired times for your Chequis and save it

5. Press "Back"

Your Chequi is activated!

In the next video, you can see clearly how to download the Chequi-app and to activate it.

Apple / IOS telephone

Android telephone

How can you register and filling in all your details in the website