1) General Information
The use of the web page, the app and the name CHEQUI.COM are assigned, as well as the use of the domains chequi.com, .eu, .nl, .be, .de by time defined contractually to Chequi Lifeguard SL. , Apartado de Correos 33, Alfas Del Pi 03580, Alicante / Spain and provided with number NIF B42620070. Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Alicante on January 11, 2019, volume 4182, folio 62, inscription 1 with sheet A-163274.

2) Terms
These legal terms and conditions govern access and use of the website and app, CHEQUI.COM. By using this website and app, and specifically with the contracting or purchase of one or more services or articles offered by CHEQUI.COM, you expressly agree to agree to all the terms of these Terms of Service.

Chequi.com recommends you to read these Terms of Service carefully and reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary without prior notice. The grant of the status of "USER" means that you make a correct use of all content and services of the website and app, in accordance with existing legislation. CHEQUI.COM reserves the right for any USER to refuse access to the website and app in violation of these Terms of Use.

3) Privacy Policy
CHEQUI.COM strictly adheres to all obligations and warranties in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation on the protection of personal data (Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, Protection of Personal Data, Royal Decree 1720/2007, 21 of December. By completing your personal information during registration, the USER agrees that his or her personal information will be automatically processed by CHEQUI.COM. The USER agrees to keep all internal data of CHEQUI.COM, in particular with regard to their login information, secure. The automated processing of user data enables CHEQUI.COM to provide a more personalized service. This personal information will never be handed over to persons or companies outside of CHEQUI.COM.


To exercise the right to access, rectification, cancellation or resignation, you only need to direct a letter to the email address cancelacion@chequi.com. Each request must be accompanied by a photocopy of ID or passport. The user is obliged to keep the user information up to date. In the event of non-updating of this information,  CHEQUI.COM reserves the right to temporarily suspend access and use of the website and app and deny access to this USER.

4) Cookies

CHEQUI.COM informs about the use of cookies on this website and app. Cookies are temporary files. In any event, the USER can customize the configuration of his / her computer via his or her Internet browser's settings.

5) Responsibilities when using the website and app, CHEQUI.COM.

·       The USER is the only responsible for creating an alarm / checker.

·       When pressing the "SOS" key and the second confirmation of this, all mechanisms are activated and the emergency services are warned. 

1.     The USER is immediately called in English by our operator.

2.     If the USER responds to this call, it will be dealt with according to his / her wishes.

3.     If the USER does not answer this call, the emergency services are immediately notified.

·       In case of a false alarm or incorrect operation, the user can still cancel this generated alarm by pressing the "All OK" key. With this action, all mechanisms are immediately stopped and cancelled.

·       The only responsible for the costs that may cause a false alarm is the USER who has activated this false alarm / chequi. (Cost of emergency services, displacements, etc.)

·       At all times, the USER must have an active and working telephone line with the Internet and localization must always be operational. If one or more of these items is inactive, the app will not work and the service will be temporarily suspended, CHEQUI.COM is notified by telephone or email to re-enable the service so the USER can activate the service. In his or her control panel.

·       The user is obliged to partially or completely complete the questionnaire at the time of the contract (in accordance with the wishes of each USER) and update this information at any time.

·       The USER must always be up to date with payments to CHEQUI.COM. One week before the expiration date of the contract between the user and CHEQUI.COM, the user will be notified by e-mail, message, text and/or ordinary letter of this expiration date. With an outstanding invoice, CHEQUI.COM reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service until full payment of the outstanding invoices.

·       The USER itself programs his or her "Chequis" and the USER must be aware that he or she is aware of the particular hour that this alarm is sent to the USER. If the USER does not confirm the Chequi, a second alarm will be sent to the USER automatically after 10 minutes. If the USER does not confirm this second Chequi, a third alarm will be sent to the USER automatically after 5 minutes. If the system finds that this third alarm is not confirmed, the procedure enters:

1.     The USER is called by an operator in English.

2.     If we don’t have a response, the contacts specified by the USER will be notified.

3.     If we still don’t have a response, the emergency services are notified.

4.     If the USER has specified a contact that has the key, or if this key is managed by CHEQUI.COM, the USER explicitly authorizes this key administrator to enter the USER's home in the guidance of the emergency services, local police and/or Guardia Civil. (Attached contract / permission)

·       One hour before a scheduled checker, the USER can press "All OK" and it will cancel the following scheduled Checkout.

·       When a USER doesn’t think he or she will be present in Spain for a certain period of time, he or she must temporarily deactivate this service in his control panel or notify CHEQUI.COM. The day the USER returns to Spain, the USER must re-activate this service in his or her control panel.

·       A deactivation or cancellation of the service can never be considered for partial or full repayment of the contracted service.

·       By contracting the service and payment of this, the USER automatically confirms that he or she agrees to these Terms of Use.

·       CHEQUI.COM cannot be held liable for fraudulent or negligent use by users or third parties.

·       CHEQUI.COM cannot be held liable for illegal use of the website by users or third parties.

·       CHEQUI.COM cannot be held liable for technical malfunctions and any difficulties caused by users or third parties.

·       CHEQUI.COM is a "secure site" with an SSL code and cannot be held liable for viruses or other harmful elements on the user's computer.

·       CHEQUI.COM cannot be held liable for interruption, availability or accessibility of the website if it is caused by users or third parties.

·       CHEQUI.COM cannot be held responsible for interruption of telephone or internet services.

·       CHEQUI.COM cannot be held liable for misrepresentation by the USER.

·       As soon as the USER is included in the hospital, the contract between the user and CHEQUI.COM will be deactivated. When leaving the hospital, the USER must activate this service again.

·       CHEQUI.COM is explicitly allowed to notify the contacts specified by the USER.

·       CHEQUI.COM has a central operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

·       CHEQUI.COM confirms that in the case of hospitalization this will be done in the hospital of choice of the USER. If this is not possible (eg, if the USER is too far from his home at the moment), this will happen in the nearest possible hospital. (As stated by contract and according to the possibilities of an existing health insurance)

·       In case of hospitalization, CHEQUI.COM takes care of accommodating pets according to the wishes of the USER.

·       CHEQUI.COM is responsible for notifying the contacts specified by the USER.

·       CHEQUI.COM takes care of forwarding to the hospital of your passport and insurance information.

·       CHEQUI.COM will notify you of the family members you have specified via sms. (Also abroad)

6) Key management
CHEQUI.COM has the service of "key management" at the disposal of the USER. It is possible to contract this service under the following conditions:

1.     The USER handed the key in a sealed letter slip (special letter slip made available by CHEQUI.COM.)

2.     On the letter cover, there is only an internal code number from CHEQUI.COM.

3.     The keys are stored in a safe under a code number, never by name.

4.     Upon handing over a key, a contract will be signed (Spanish / English).

5.     Upon completion of the contract or by a simple request, the key is returned to the USER in the same state.

6.     Key management in itself is free, but if this service is required, 60 € per time is charged in concept of displacements costs.

7) Intellectual and industrial property rights.
The content of the website and app, CHEQUI.COM and the name itself are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights. Their use is prohibited, as well as their exploitation, reproduction, public disclosure or distribution.

8) Communication
CHEQUI.COM can contact the USER by mail, email or text message. In the
same way, the USER may send messages to CHEQUI.COM by post addressed
to the company's registered office or e-mail: info@chequi.com

9) Jurisdiction and applicable law
These legal terms of use are compiled in accordance with the Spanish law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Spain.

10) Right of withdrawal of 14 days, guarantee of voluntary cancellation and guarantee of reimbursement.
You may withdraw your order without any reason within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase of the services purchased.

To this effect, you must inform us, Chequi.com, of your decision to give up your
order. It will suffice that you send your communication to cancelacion@chequi.com before the end of the withdrawal period of 14 days.

Chequi.com will refund the price of the service no later than 14 days after the day we receive the above communication. Chequi.com will use the same means of payment that you would have used for the initial transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise.