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Wim en Antoinette Heijnen

Hello Rudi, 
On Tuesday last week we signed contracts with Chequi and the next day we got the SOS Tracker Devices. A few days later, that particular Sunday, I already had to use them. The system works excellently because half an hour after our report the ambulance arrived at the field. The coordinates were automatically sent along with the report since by phone the place wouldn't have been explained at all. It is really "in the middle of nowhere" here. Tribute to Rudi's system and we are deeply grateful that we have made the purchase.

Wim and Antoinette Heijnen

To provide the totality of data:

·       On Monday 29 October, you and I agreed that we.

·       Talk about one or two subscriptions on Tuesday 30 October.

·       October 31st you brought the 2 alarm devices.

·       On Sunday, November 4, we had to call in your help after half past seven in the afternoon with the aid of such a device.

·       Thanks to the coordinates, forwarded by the alarm device, the ambulance of the Clínica appeared about half an hour later on that very remote terrain in Benissa, complete with blue flashing lights.

·       Adequate help has been provided in the hospital, but due to complications the dismissal has not yet been given, perhaps Monday 12 November 2018.

·       We were invited by our oldest daughter and her family to spend their holiday in Benissa for a week so that we could also take the two great-grandchildren for a longer period.

And all of this you already knew but you might want to use in your explanation to your listeners. We are incredibly happy that we have entered into the contracts with you. For your advice and for the actual help in our emergency we are truly grateful.

We wouldn't object if you want to use relevant parts of this e-mail in informing others.

With best regards,
Wim Heijnen


Erwin Van Gijtenbeek

My father, at a respectable age, lived alone in Spain after the death of his wife. All family members live in the Netherlands. As a son of my father, I felt reassured that Chequi.com existed and that my father was subscribed to it. Chequi kept in touch with my father on a daily basis. If he wouldn't respond, Chequi would call again and if he still wouldn't respond, they informed the emergency services to see what was going on.

My father suffered from asbestosis and was a brave and decisive man until the day of his death. Thanks to Chequi.com, I was informed in the Netherlands one and a half hours after his death and that same day I flew by plane to my deceased father.

Erwin van Gijtenbeek (Son of Hans Van Gijtenbeek

Chequi.com is a nice company that all people living alone should use. It increases the ability to continue living independently. They provide quick and firm help and also in all additional cases after a death. In short, thanks to Chequi.com, the entire course of events concerning the death of my father went smoothly and professionally.

Erwin Van Gijtenbeek


Frans Sertons

Dear Rudi,

From today I am also connected to your wonderful SOS system. Although I have been living in the Netherlands for some time in connection with my Francine's illness, I will be happy to use your Chequi services, even during the long walks I make here in the beautiful surroundings. This initiative deserves all praise and will certainly come in handy in emergency situations due to the simplicity of the entire system.

Warm regards and good luck,

Frans Sertons

Frans Sertons


Hilke and Annemarie

Two years ago, with the grief of the loss of our father we also had to worry about our mother’s well-being. With some regularity our parents were able to stay in Spain, where they enjoy many friends and acquaintances. Our mother feels comfortable and at ease in Spain and after the loss of our father my sister and I want her to be able to come here with the same regularity.

Unfortunately, due to our work commitments, my sister and I cannot always join our mother, although we try to accompany her as much as possible - preferably we would like to know every second of the day whether our mother is doing well, but that is of course not possible for her and for us. So how do we know if things are going well? Can she enjoy her life carefree and do the things she likes to do? When we heard of Chequi.com we went straight to investigating as this seemed like the perfect solution.

Riek Tol and daughter Annemarie

And truth be told, for us, this is really the solution. At Chequi, our mother's medical history, preference for doctors, hospitals and alike are known in case something is wrong with her. It is important to learn how to handle a smartphone. The most important thing is: leave the location enabled in your smartphone and make sure it is charged. Furthermore, Chequi is quite simple, most of it is self-evident. We did everything together with her for the first few days until she could do everything herself and feel comfortable with it. And if it does not work with the smartphone, there is always an SOS Tracker Device.

The most important thing for us is that she feels safe, it's a real reassurance for us!

Did she hear a sound in the garden at night? Press the SOS button and she is called in her own language, where she can explain the situation. Help is on its way, thanks to her device's location. Is she at home or in the car and she is feeling unwell? Once again press the SOS button and she is called in her own language. If she does not respond to the call, help is immediately sent to the location where she is on that very moment.
She can activate as many Chequis as she wants. then for her only the SOS button applies. When we are with my mother, she puts her Chequis out by means of the slide.
When she programed a Chequi at eight o'clock in the morning, her smartphone will ring and vibrate for half an hour and she only has to tap the green "OK Button". If it does not, she will be called. If it does not respond, the "contact list" is called and if it is necessary help goes immediately on the way.
She does not have to be afraid to accidentally, for example, not to press the OK Button or SOS, because she is always called first before taking action.

1.    If she hears a suspicious sound coming from the garden, she can press the SOS button and Chequi will call her in her own language, so she can effectively explain the situation. Thanks to having enabled location, the emergency services will always know her exact location.

2.    If she is simply feeling unwell, in the car on in her own house, she may press the SOS button, where again, Chequi will call her in her language. If she doesn't respond, Chequi will send the emergency services to her location.

3.    Chequis: she can set as many "Chequis" as she wants on her phone. Chequis send a notification to her phone on a daily basis, our mother will have to press "OK" to inform Chequi (and us) of her well-being. If she doesn't respond, Chequi will try to call her contacts, such as her neighbors or friends and family, to see if they know anything about her - if not, Chequi will proceed as in an emergency situation, and send help to her location.

4.    She doesn't have to worry about accidentally pressing the SOS button, because Chequi always calls her (and her contacts) first before sending the emergency services.

This way, partly through Chequi, my mother, hopefully for a long time, can enjoy life without worrying, where she feels safe. And with that comes true our wish. We heartily recommend it to everyone!

Hilke and Annemarie

Ingeborg Kroonwijk

Hello Rudi,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the friendly and personal CHEQUI service.

Have been subscribed for more than a year now. I feel very safe because I know that you are immediately ready when there is a problem.

I can definitely recommend the app on the mobile to anyone.

Hope I can count on you for a long time.


Ingeborg Kroonwijk

Hendrik de Vries

Hi Rudi,


Living alone at 83 and not mastering the Spanish language I am so happy to have Chequi as my companion, Chequi has given me peace of mind. It is like having someone with you all the time.

So Far I needed the Chequi service once and it was an amazing experience.

By pressing the SOS button, it only took a couple of seconds to make contact with you, the very professional and fast response and the follow up procedure, by sending a Doctor and a nurse to diagnose my problem was very assuring to me.

Since you installed a spare key safety box next to my entrance door, I feel even more secure knowing in case of emergency the emergency crew/Doctor can enter my home.

This Chequi system is a safeguard for older people living by them self or with a partner and makes you feel secure.

Rudi I also want to compliment you for your excellent service going out of your way to help your customers get used to your excellent Chequi Life Guard System.


Thank you,

Hendrik de Vries

Ingeborg Kroonwijk en kleinkinderen

Hendrik de Vries


Hello Rudi,
I am a single person and was worried about my future if something happened at home or on the street. I have communicated with you and received a full explanation. The first thing that struck me was that I will be helped in my own language. They are now more than eight languages. I signed up and everything was delivered for a few days. After the expert explanation you left and a few minutes later I also left the place of delivery with another person. On the way home, I stumbled and fell to the floor, resulting in a heavy nosebleed. Fortunately, your services did not have to occur and I got home with the help of this other person. Only then did I realize that an accident can happen quickly. It is very reassuring to know if something happens that I can be helped immediately. I will therefore highly recommend your services.

Pierre Aerts

Pierre Aerts