Individual independent Chequi seller.

Are you someone with ambition? Do you easily get in touch with everyone? Do you have an answer ready for each question? Then you are the right person to sell Chequi, an increasingly requested service by all over-60s. A valued product by the many registered Chequi members. Of course there are also incentives, monthly and yearly, to motivate you even more.

Send your details today and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


You have a small business

(doctor, real estate agent, hair stylist, etc.) and would you like to offer your current clients a new product? All you have to do is report the name and telephone number of the interested person and this will be immediately called by Chequi for an appointment. You will receive a great commission for every client registered by your company!


Are you a team leader and want to manage your own zone?

This can be done by becoming an area partner of Chequi. You are assigned a specific province in which you have exclusive rights. All Individual Independent Sellers or Small Businesses in this assigned zone are your responsibility.


Chequi wants to break through throughout Europe and that is why we are also looking for country representations.

On this basis you have the management and overview of everything that is sold in that country. Do you accept the challenge?


Whichever option you choose or which suits you best, Chequi is always behind you, a company started in 2017 and grown in this short time as a leader in its sector. We provide the crew of the Chequi plant worldwide in 12 languages. We take care of the marketing, publicity campaigns and material, in short: Chequi wants to grow with you in the team!


Chequi is ready…. And you?