How does Chequi will help you when you are on the road and don't speak the language?

SOS-knop in uw Chequi App en de aparte Chequi SOS toets

Everyone who travels with a camper has already thought of this: if something happens to me now how will I explain it to the emergency services where I am and what is going on? I don't even know which village I am, the street name is not to find or unspeakable and so on.

The list of what can happen is infinity, illness, accident, robbery, theft, handbag stolen etc. That's why Chequi was invented, an alarm center available throughout Europe 24/7 all year round and, most importantly, in your own language.

Immediately the emergency services are warned in a minimum of time. You do not lose time explaining where you are .... Chequi knows immediately when you press the SOS key where you are and your coordinates are sent to the emergency services, even if you are not on public roads. You will not lose any time to forward your health insurance to the emergency services because Chequi will notify you at the same time as this.

When the emergency services arrive, call our exchange at the telephone number set up specifically for this and set your phone to "Hand-free". a Chequi operator will translate everything that is said into English and vice versa.

Are you still not convinced that Chequi might save your life?

Just summarize and put everything together!

• Press the SOS key on your Chequi app twice or the SOS button / tracker twice and you are called from our exchange. We guarantee this call within 1 minute after the request for assistance is generated in our exchange, in your own language (Spanish, English, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, Italian or Portuguese) and wherever you are in Europe.
• We know immediately where you are thanks to your location on your mobile phone.
• We call the emergency services and send them your location, police or ambulance.
• With your mobile phone in "hands-free" and the SOS button / tracker, we translate all your calls with the emergency services.
• While you are on your way to the hospital, Chequi will send all your details and your medical information and health insurance to the hospital.
• In case of recording, an SMS will be sent to your designated contacts.
• If you have pets, we will notify your designated contacts to take care of them while you are hospitalized.
• All calls with our exchange are registered and recorded.
• All steps, hours and times are automatically recorded.
• Your personal data is encrypted in our exchange, accessible only by Chequi.
• Service 24 hours / 365 days per year.
• You can upload all your documents (passports, health insurances, travel insurance, motorhome insurance, etc. etc.) into our system and if they are stolen from you, you can request all these from Chequi.

Chequi takes care of you, wherever you are!