1. How long does it take for my SOS to arrive at the Chequi SOS Central? (SOS either generated from the app or SOS Tracker Device)

The time between you pressing the SOS button on the App or Tracker Device and the alarm reaching our SOS Central, as long as you have good phone signal, is around 5 to 40 seconds. If for any reason you do not have good phone signal, that same SOS will trigger again after half an hour.

2. How long does it take for Chequi to answer an SOS?

We guarantee that we will respond to your SOS within a minute after receiving the alarm in our SOS central, always in the language that you've specified in the contract.

3. What do I need for the App or SOS Tracker Device to work?

The App requires internet connection, either through wifi or mobile data, therefore, you must always be connected to internet. On the other hand, the SOS button works by phone signal to pick up mobile data, so you will always need phone signal for it to work properly.

4. Can I press the SOS button to talk to the control panel?

No, you can only press the SOS button to launch an SOS. If you want to talk to the central office for any questions that arise, you should call Chequi by your regular phone at the number 34.646.188.598.

5. What if I live with someone (in the same address) that doesn't own Chequi?

You should sign a contract for each person you live with for Chequi. Triggering an SOS for someone that doesn't own Chequi will be charged, as compensation or penalty, two years of contract price to you as sole responsible.

6. What if family or friends visit and something happens to them? Can I send an SOS?

In this scenario, you may press the SOS button on the App or Tracker Device, however you must explain that the person in question is outside the contract.

6. What if family or friends visit and something happens to them? Can I send an SOS?

In this scenario, you may press the SOS button on the App or Tracker Device, however you must explain that the person in question is outside the contract.

8. How do I renew my contract?

Every year, 15 days and 5 days before its expiration, you will receive an email in your mailbox and an SMS on your mobile phone informing you that the contract is about to expire. You can inform us up to two days before the expiration of your decision to rescind the contract in force. The day before the expiration will be presented automatically in your bank the receipt of the following year. You can also enter the invoice in the Chequi Life Guard SL account. BBVA bank - Account: ES13 0182 4453 0902 0157 4397

9. Do I have to pay renewal fees?

No, when the receipt is automatically paid by your bank on the due date. In case of return of the receipt by your bank will be charged 10% of expenses for management expenses.

10. What happens when I want to rescind the contract?

Nothing happens. Simply communicate it to our central office and return the SOS button with the SIM card along with its charger in its original box and in the same state as you received it. In case of not returning the SOS button, 150 euros will be charged as compensation. Never will an advance contract review be a reason for repayment of this amount.

11. Do I have to notify Chequi of changes in my contract or contacts etc.?

Naturally, this is very important. You are the only responsible that your data is constantly updated. This update can be done in your profile on the Chequi website by entering with your access codes, by sending an email to or simply by calling Chequi on telephone 34.646.188.598.

12. May I test out the SOS button (on the app or tracker device) to see if it works?

Naturally you may test the good performance of our services, however you must notify Chequi beforehand. Chequi even recommends that you make sure it works every 4 or 5 weeks.

17. Is there anything I should check to make sure the App works?

When you press the SOS button on your App only once, you should be able to see your current location. If the space appears in blank, it means the app is unable to determine your location for some reason. Make sure your location is enabled and that you have phone signal. Otherwise Chequi won't know your exact location.

18. Does Chequi provide my personal information to third parties?

Never. Chequi guarantees that your personal data delivered to Chequi Life Guard SL. they will not be delivered to any other company and at the moment of contract cancellation they will be eliminated from our databases immediately, except for their name, address, email and telephone number that will be deleted after 30 business days.

19. I have problems with "I am not a robot"

It is possible, caused by an antivirus program or other different settings in your computer, that Google continues to think that you are a robot. If this occurs, please contact the Chequi central office at the telephone number +34 865.77.13.12 and send your details by e-mail. Chequi will save all this in the system.

20. Why am I not receiving my established Chequi?

All the Chequis settings are sent via Google and always arrive if your phone allows it.

If this does not happen, your telephone is too wrong.

Some different possible causes:

- Enter the settings of your phone and open the Chequi app in the list of apps. All questions must be approved here.

- The error can also lie with an antivirus app in your phone or because your phone did not download the correct update of Android.

- Your telephone has been dropped and is no longer functioning properly.

- Your telephone has no telephone connection.

- The battery of your telephone is set to minimum.

Currently we only have a problem with less than 2% of all users who use the Chequis and always due to the telephone of the user.

In any case, if you do not answer your set Chequi you will ALWAYS be called after 30 minutes manually from our Chequi alarm centre.

13. What happens if my SOS Tracker Device gets lost or stolen?

You are responsible for good care and custody of the SOS Tracker Device. If you lose it, the SOS button device will be charged at the price of 145 euros plus the corresponding VAT which, if you have it contracted with your home insurance, you can claim it from them.

14. What happens if the SOS Tracker Device breaks?

If the SOS button is kept in optimal state by the user, the device will be replaced at no cost. On the other hand, if the device is defective due to misuse, bad care, manipulation or opening, the SOS Tracker Device will be charged at the price of 145 euros plus the corresponding VAT.

15. Who owns the SOS Tracker Device and the SIM Card?

The SOS button and the SIM card are the property of Chequi Life Guard SL. and therefore must be returned at the end of the contract between both parties at the simple request of Chequi Life Guard SL. to its rightful owner. You are solely responsible if someone misuses the SIM card or the SOS button itself.

16. What do I have to do if I switch phones?

You must contact us of this situation. Download the app for free from the APP Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). You will receive new access codes to invalidate the old one.


21. How should I turn the SOS button on and off?
If you wish, you can very easily turn off the SOS key (for example if you have to take a plane) or turn it back on when you arrive at your destination.
On photo 1 you can see how to turn it off .... just press keys 1 and 2 simultaneously for a few seconds. The device then gives a beep and vibrates briefly. You will see that the 2 lights on the side are extinguished.
On photo 2 you can see how the weather should be switched on .... briefly press button 1. You will see that the lights are on again. To turn the device on again, you can simply put it in the charger.


22. What do you have to do to be able to enjoy the safety of Chequi in a country other than where you purchased Chequi?
If you have purchased Chequi, for example in the Netherlands, and you are going to another European country for a certain period of time, you are also covered by Chequi in that other European country if you observe the following:
Before you leave, you must inform the check-in center of the dates of your stay outside the country of purchase.
You will automatically be placed on an international list at that time and you can continue to use the Chequi services for a maximum of 3 months in the country where you are going.

If you have purchased Chequi in Spain, and you are returning to the Netherlands for a few weeks, you must of course also consider this and always knowing that the internal SIM card never gives more than 3 months roaming in a country outside the country of origin and thus the Check service expires.
If you think you will be staying in a different country for longer than 3 months as the country of purchase of the Chequi services, we can insert an "International SIM card" in your SOS test. If you have any questions or doubts about this, please call the central office for further information.