Conditions for obtaining the Chequi grant


Cohabiting couples:

Discount of 50% if your joint monthly income does not exceed 1400 euros, 75% if you do not exceed 1200 euros and totally FREE if your income is below 1000 euros.


Single people:

Discount of 50% if you do not exceed 1000 euros, 75% if you do not exceed 850 euros and COMPLETELY FREE if your income is less than 700 euros.


Further conditions:

  • Not having an owner-occupied home (submitting a lease)

  • This is a quote for everyone who lives in Europe (so also for people who never come to Spain)

  • Discounts based on normal Chequi registration and APP on your Smart-Phone (example: current price: 239 euros per year - so 50% off comes to 119.5 euros per year / 9.95 per month - and 75% off comes on 59.75 euros per year / 4.97 per month)


Submit applications by mail to:

Reporting or submitting:

  • Full name of submitter

  • Full name of spouse / e (if applicable)

  • Passport or identity card submitter

  • Passport or spouse's identity card (if applicable)

  • Mobile phone number

  • Telephone number landline (if applicable)

  • Pension or / and AOW proof

  • Lease agreement

More information?